Event Dates: March 11 - 13, 2022

A 3-Day Experience to Wire in a Higher Vibrational You...

Are You Ready to 
Experience The SHIFT?

Shift Your Consciousness, Raise Your Vibration and TRANSFORM Your Life...


Attend From The Comfort Of Your Own Home March 11th-13th…

Once You Make The SHIFT You Will:


We will permanently shift our internal beliefs into permanent alignment with our new upgraded reality so things happen easier than ever.


If you're feeling powerless right now, then raising your vibration is the key to taking back your power and living life on your own terms.


Instantly remove blocks and limitations so you manifest abundance into your life fast without having to "chase" it or work hard to get it.


We will go through a set of powerful practices and activations that will quickly sweep away fear and renew your mind, body, and spirit.


During this 3 day experience you will permanently shift into a new energy and a new version of yourself that is embodying your highest self.


Stop being affected by 3D problems around you and shift into 5D where you can create your own reality of love, peace & joy on demand.

Are You Going to SHIFT?

Something HUGE Is Coming...

Right now on planet earth, there is a HUGE transformation taking place. 

All the crazy stuff that is happening in the world is a sign that there is a shift from a 3D level of consciousness into a 5D level of consciousness. 

People are becoming more aware and having more frequent awakening experiences.

The world is entering the end of a cycle and 2022 will be the biggest year of transformation we have ever seen.

Those of you who successfully make the shift into a new level of consciousness will enter a new paradigm for manifestation that will allow you to manifest faster than ever before.

In the higher dimensions (5D consciousness and above) we exist beyond the negative emotions. In the higher dimensions...whenever you think of something it instantly appears....we have the ability to instantly manifest whatever we want....we are not bound by time and space at this level. 

And during The Shift Experience LIVE we will make the shift, collectively together. We will shift into a higher level of consciousness, upgrade our reality and transform into the person who we came here to be. Don't miss out on the SHIFT!

“What Do Others Have To Say?”

"This Process Has Helped Thousands Of People Experience An Instant Reality Shift ..."

After attending The Shift Experience 3-Day LIVE event you will experience a raise in your level of consciousness that will allow you to:

  • ​Upgrade your reality
  • Take back your power
  • ​Attract more love
  • Raise your vibration
  • ​Tap into your higher self​
  • ​Manifest abundance
  • Find your tribe
  • ​Let go of fear
  • Activate courage
  • ​Shift into 5D

I promise you that you will finish the 3 
days a completely different person...

So, Are You Going To miss The Shift?

Make The Shift And Become The Person Who You Came Here to be...


  • Intention & Awareness -  Learn the secret to raising your vibrational set point and set the intention of creating the new high vibrational version of you that is a magnet for success, love, and happiness. 
  • Meditation Practice - Get a behind-the-scenes look at my personal meditation setup. These specific meditation techniques will drastically increase the probability of your new high vibrational reality coming to fruition. 
  • Anchor & Breaking Patterns - Here I'll introduce something called "The Change Technique". It's specifically designed to help you snap out of bad habits and repetitive thought patterns that are holding you back.
  • ​Grounding - Once you learn how to ground your energy and connect with nature, you'll easily balance your energy in a positive way and shift your vibrational set-point once and for all.
  • Exercise & Physical Body - Merge the mental aspect of raising our vibration with physical action and purge stagnant or toxic energy from the body so we create lasting change in our emotions and our lives.


  • Forgiveness & Healing - How to instantly remove the negative imprints that are lingering in our energy field. After day 2 you'll instantly heal deep-seated trauma and old patterns, feeling more whole & complete than ever before.
  • Deeper Healing - Here we'll be building off the Ho'oponopono Exercise we did yesterday, moving deeper into the healing process that allows yourself to experience the suppressed emotion, heal the wounded version of yourself and complete the past. 
  • Letting Go Of Labels - This will help you let go of your old stories and show you how to utilize the eternal now (the present moment) to your advantage.
  • ​Completing The Past - Today I introduce the 'Letting Go technique" that has been life-changing for previous students. This will help you truly feel the sensations in your body fully, transmute the negative energy and complete the past so you can step into your power and new reality.  
  • Letting Go Of An Ex/Person - If you’re finding it hard to let go of someone in your life, or you feel that people directly in your environment are bringing down your energy then this will help you let go, and start experiencing unconditional love on your own, no matter what the outside world looks like.
  • Letting Go Of The Outcome/Control - What if by always trying to control everything you're actually limiting yourself? Learn how to have full trust in the plan the universe has for you, stop resisting, and allow the abundance to unfold.


  • ​​The 5D Shift - Embody a 5D level of consciousness where you feel constant love and light. In the higher dimensions, whenever you think of something it appears and we have the ability to instantly manifest whatever we want... we are not bound by time and space at this level.
  • ​​​Self Image & Stretching - Our self-image is a cybernetic mechanism, and most people are just completely unaware of it. Today we will create a new reality for ourselves which will fast-track the entire transformational process.  
  • ​​​Changing Your Story - Change your story change your life. Until we become aware of our story that is running on autopilot it will continue to subconsciously create our reality. Today we change all of that.
  • ​​​Reality Shifting - I’ll share the simple secrets to bridging your old reality (that you want to move on from) to your new magical reality where you are able to manifest your greatest desires whenever you please.
  • ​​​Connecting To Your Higher Self - This powerful meditation technique will allow you to instantly tap into and connect with your higher self so you can move forward in life with a higher level of consciousness.
  • ​​​Money beliefs - Learn how understanding (and changing) your money energy will allow you to remove any financial blocks and attract an abundance of wealth into your life.
  • ​​​Love beliefs - Learn how to tap into the love that already exists within you so you open your heart and become a magnet for love (includes a magnetic love meditation).
  • ​​​​Permanent Set Point Wire In - We'll finish the event off with a powerful meditation and I'll be revealing the 3 things to implement into your life that WILL raise your dominant vibration permanently. 

Register Now & Join Me To Experience The SHIFT!

This is a virtual event so you don’t need to pay for travel, accommodation, or leave the comfort of your own home. 

Get ready to experience deep transformation that will be the catalyst for you to transform your life. You will leave the 3 days a completely different person!

This will be the first time Aaron is hosting The Shift Experience LIVE event so make sure to grab your ticket now so you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience!

  • ​Access the higher dimensions and feel constant love and light...
  • ​Shift from a 3D level of into a 5D level of consciousness...
  • ​​Heal the past to let go of patterns that no longer serve you...
  • ​​Shift into a state of worthiness and self-confidence...
  • ​​Let go of negative emotions so they will no longer control your life...
  • ​​Become the powerful co-creator of your dream life...

So when you grab your virtual ticket today, you can experience the Shift Experience LIVE for just the low price of:



How The SHIFT Can Help You Upgrade Your Current Reality...

After the 3 days there is no going back...

 SHIFT into 5D Awareness

During the 3 days I will show you how to shift into a 5D level of consciousness so you can move forward operating from a place of unconditional love and light.

You’ll strip back the ego, gain newfound clarity on who you really are at a deep level and learn how to become the creator of your own reality.

Once you start to tap into the core of who you really are....things begin to change in a powerful way.

 SHIFT into Worthiness 

This event has been specifically designed to allow you to come into alignment and connect with your higher self. Once you feel this higher vibrational energy take over, your desires will start to manifest themselves into your reality. 

As you begin to shift into this higher level paradigm.....your whole entire life will change and your desires will start to effortlessly flow to you

 SHIFT Beliefs

Our beliefs create our reality and until you recreate the pattern of the past you will remain stuck in your current reality. 

Unfortunately, most people are unable to identify said patterns as they are rooted deep into our subconscious.

This event will be the catalyst for you to finally shift from past to present, let go of the conditioning that is holding you back, and provide you the path to start creating your dream life.

4 Reasons Why You NEED To Attend The Shift Experience LIVE:

Reason 1:

A 3 Day Live Experience

This live experience will help you permanently let go of everything that no longer serves you so you can step into your new reality and transform your life.

There is no other event out there that will create such deep, long-lasting change in just 3 days.

Reason 2:

A Permanent Reality Shift

During this 3-day event I will give you the tools and methods to permanently shift into a higher state of consciousness and completely transform your reality.

You will live life through a completely new paradigm where manifestation will come into your reality faster than you ever imagined.

Reason 3:

Full Event Recording

You will be sent an entire recording of the event to review the material whenever you want. 

Whenever you are feeling low vibration, just log in to the members area and watch one of the sessions to instantly feel better!

Reason 4:

HighVibe Community

Join the exclusive High Vibe Tribe Facebook group of people who are committed to raising their vibration and transforming their life. 

Together, each and every member of the community will help motivate and support one another to become their best self.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What Are The Dates Of The Event?

Day 1: Friday, March 11th (6pm - 8pm PST)
Day 2: Saturday, March 12th (9am - 6pm PST)
Day 3: Sunday, March 13th (9am - 6pm PST)

 Where will the event be hosted?

The event will be hosted online and all attendance details will be sent directly to your email after you have purchased your ticket.

 Are there any replays for this event?

Yes, when you grab your ticket today you will get lifetime access to the full event recording!

 Can anyone attend this event?

Yes, it's a virtual event so you will be able to attend from anywhere in the world!

 What if I have a question not on this list?

We're here to help, and want you to be 100% on board with your investment. Simply email any question to support@aarondoughty.com

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